Accepted name: linoleate 9S-lipoxygenase
Reaction: linoleate + O2 = (9S,10E,12Z)-9-hydroperoxy-10,12-octadecadienoate
Glossary: linoleate = (9Z,12Z)-octadeca-9,12-dienoate
Other name(s): 9-lipoxygenase; 9S-lipoxygenase; linoleate 9-lipoxygenase; LOX1 (gene name); 9S-LOX
Systematic name: linoleate:oxygen 9S-oxidoreductase
Comments: Contains nonheme iron. A common plant lipoxygenase that oxidizes linoleate and α-linolenate, the two most common polyunsaturated fatty acids in plants, by inserting molecular oxygen at the C9 position with (S)-configuration. The enzyme plays a physiological role during the early stages of seedling growth. The enzyme from Arabidopsis thaliana shows comparable activity towards linoleate and linolenate [4]. EC (linoleate 13S-lipoxygenase) catalyses a similar reaction at another position of these fatty acids.
1.  Vellosillo, T., Martinez, M., Lopez, M.A., Vicente, J., Cascon, T., Dolan, L., Hamberg, M. and Castresana, C. Oxylipins produced by the 9-lipoxygenase pathway in Arabidopsis regulate lateral root development and defense responses through a specific signaling cascade. Plant Cell 19 (2007) 831–846. [PMID: 17369372]
2.  Boeglin, W.E., Itoh, A., Zheng, Y., Coffa, G., Howe, G.A. and Brash, A.R. Investigation of substrate binding and product stereochemistry issues in two linoleate 9-lipoxygenases. Lipids 43 (2008) 979–987. [PMID: 18795358]
3.  Andreou, A.Z., Hornung, E., Kunze, S., Rosahl, S. and Feussner, I. On the substrate binding of linoleate 9-lipoxygenases. Lipids 44 (2009) 207–215. [PMID: 19037675]
4.  Bannenberg, G., Martinez, M., Hamberg, M. and Castresana, C. Diversity of the enzymatic activity in the lipoxygenase gene family of Arabidopsis thaliana. Lipids 44 (2009) 85–95. [PMID: 18949503]
[EC created 2011]

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