EC 1. Oxidoreductases

EC 1.17 Acting on CH or CH2 groups

This subclass contains enzymes that oxidize the -CH2- group of donors to -CHOH- (or -CH- to -COH-) and the oxidative cleavage of HC- bonds (as in formate); in the reverse direction, those acting on sugars are involved in the formation of deoxysugars. Sub-subclasses are based on the acceptor: NAD+ or NADP+ (EC 1.17.1), oxygen (EC 1.17.3), a cytochrome (EC 1.17.2), a disulfide (EC 1.17.4), a quinone or similar compound (EC 1.17.5), another, known, physiological acceptors (EC 1.17.98) or an unknown, physiological acceptor (EC 1.17.99).

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