EC 1. Oxidoreductases

EC 1.2 Acting on the aldehyde or oxo group of donors

This subclass contains enzymes that oxidize aldehydes to the corresponding acids; when this acid is concomitantly phosphorylated or acetylates CoA, this is indicated in parentheses. Oxo groups may be oxidized either with addition of water and cleavage of a carbon-carbon bond or, in the case of ring compounds, by addition of the elements of water and dehydrogenation. Sub-subclasses are based on the acceptor: NAD+ or NADP+ (EC 1.2.1), a cytochrome (EC 1.2.2), oxygen (EC 1.2.3), a disulfide (EC 1.2.4), an iron-sulfur protein (EC 1.2.7), or some other acceptor (EC 1.2.99).

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