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The enzymes in this section of the database are organized as you would find them in the Enzyme-Nomenclature book. Click [+] to expand, and [–] to collapse, any section. Clicking on a heading will open a popup window with information on that class, subclass or sub-subclass.

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EC 1 [+]   
EC 2 [+]   
EC 3 []   
    EC 3.1  [+]      
    EC 3.2  [+]      
    EC 3.3  [+]      
    EC 3.4  []      
        EC 3.4.1       [+]    α-Amino-acyl-peptide hydrolases (deleted sub-subclass) 
        EC 3.4.2       [+]    Peptidyl-amino-acid hydrolases (deleted sub-subclass) 
        EC 3.4.3       [+]    Dipeptide hydrolases (deleted sub-subclass) 
        EC 3.4.4       [+]    Peptidyl peptide hydrolases (deleted sub-subclass) 
        EC 3.4.11       [+]    Aminopeptidases 
        EC 3.4.12       [+]    Peptidylamino-acid hydrolases or acylamino-acid hydrolases (deleted sub-subclass) 
        EC 3.4.13       [+]    Dipeptidases 
        EC 3.4.14       [+]    Dipeptidyl-peptidases and tripeptidyl-peptidases 
        EC 3.4.15       [+]    Peptidyl-dipeptidases 
        EC 3.4.16       [+]    Serine-type carboxypeptidases 
        EC 3.4.17       [+]    Metallocarboxypeptidases 
        EC 3.4.18       [+]    Cysteine-type carboxypeptidases 
        EC 3.4.19       [+]    Omega peptidases 
        EC 3.4.21       [+]    Serine endopeptidases 
        EC 3.4.22       [+]    Cysteine endopeptidases 
        EC 3.4.23       [+]    Aspartic endopeptidases 
        EC 3.4.24       []    Metalloendopeptidases 
                EC                      atrolysin A 
                EC                      Sepia proteinase 
                EC                      microbial collagenase 
                EC                      now EC serralysin 
                EC                       lens neutral proteinase. Now included with EC (calpain-2) and EC (proteasome endopeptidase complex) 
                EC                      leucolysin 
                EC                      interstitial collagenase 
                EC                      Achromobacter iophagus collagenase. Now EC, microbial collagenase 
                EC                       Trichophyton schoenleinii collagenase 
                EC                      Trichophyton mentagrophytes keratinase 
                EC                      neprilysin 
                EC                      envelysin 
                EC                      IgA-specific metalloendopeptidase 
                EC                      procollagen N-endopeptidase 
                EC                      thimet oligopeptidase 
                EC                      neurolysin 
                EC                      stromelysin 1 
                EC                      meprin A 
                EC                      procollagen C-endopeptidase 
                EC                      peptidyl-Lys metalloendopeptidase 
                EC                      astacin 
                EC                      stromelysin 2 
                EC                      matrilysin 
                EC                      gelatinase A 
                EC                      vibriolysin 
                EC                      pseudolysin 
                EC                      thermolysin 
                EC                      bacillolysin 
                EC                      aureolysin 
                EC                      coccolysin 
                EC                      mycolysin 
                EC                      β-lytic metalloendopeptidase 
                EC                      peptidyl-Asp metalloendopeptidase 
                EC                      neutrophil collagenase 
                EC                      gelatinase B 
                EC                      leishmanolysin 
                EC                      saccharolysin 
                EC                      gametolysin 
                EC                      deuterolysin 
                EC                      serralysin 
                EC                      atrolysin B 
                EC                      atrolysin C 
                EC                      atroxase 
                EC                      atrolysin E 
                EC                      atrolysin F 
                EC                      adamalysin 
                EC                      horrilysin 
                EC                      ruberlysin 
                EC                      bothropasin 
                EC                      bothrolysin 
                EC                      ophiolysin 
                EC                      trimerelysin I 
                EC                      trimerelysin II 
                EC                      mucrolysin 
                EC                      pitrilysin 
                EC                      insulysin 
                EC                      O-sialoglycoprotein endopeptidase 
                EC                      russellysin 
                EC                      mitochondrial intermediate peptidase 
                EC                      dactylysin 
                EC                      nardilysin 
                EC                      magnolysin 
                EC                      meprin B 
                EC                      mitochondrial processing peptidase 
                EC                      macrophage elastase 
                EC                      choriolysin L 
                EC                      choriolysin H 
                EC                      tentoxilysin 
                EC                      bontoxilysin 
                EC                      oligopeptidase A 
                EC                      endothelin-converting enzyme 1 
                EC                      fibrolase 
                EC                      jararhagin 
                EC                      fragilysin 
                EC                      lysostaphin 
                EC                      flavastacin 
                EC                      snapalysin 
                EC                      gpr endopeptidase 
                EC                      pappalysin-1 
                EC                      membrane-type matrix metalloproteinase-1 
                EC                      ADAM10 endopeptidase 
                EC                      ADAMTS-4 endopeptidase 
                EC                      anthrax lethal factor endopeptidase 
                EC                      Ste24 endopeptidase 
                EC                      S2P endopeptidase 
                EC                      ADAM 17 endopeptidase 
                EC                      ADAMTS13 endopeptidase 
                EC                      desampylase. Transferred to EC desampylase 
                EC                      Pro-Pro endopeptidase 
        EC 3.4.25       [+]    Threonine endopeptidases 
        EC 3.4.26       [+]    Glutamic endopeptidases 
        EC 3.4.99       [+]    Endopeptidases of unknown catalytic mechanism (sub-subclass is currently empty) 
    EC 3.5  [+]      
    EC 3.6  [+]      
    EC 3.7  [+]      
    EC 3.8  [+]      
    EC 3.9  [+]      
    EC 3.10  [+]      
    EC 3.11  [+]      
    EC 3.12  [+]      
    EC 3.13  [+]      
EC 4 [+]   
EC 5 [+]   
EC 6 [+]   
EC 7 [+]   

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