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EC 1 [+]   
EC 2 [+]   
EC 3 [+]   
EC 4 []   
    EC 4.1  [+]      
    EC 4.2  [+]      
    EC 4.3  [+]      
    EC 4.4  []      
        EC 4.4.1       []    Carbon-sulfur lyases (only sub-subclass identified to date) 
                EC                      cystathionine γ-lyase 
                EC                      homocysteine desulfhydrase 
                EC                      dimethylpropiothetin dethiomethylase 
                EC                      alliin lyase 
                EC                      lactoylglutathione lyase 
                EC                      S-alkylcysteine lyase. Now included in EC, cysteine-S-conjugate β-lyase 
                EC                       S-(hydroxyalkyl)glutathione lyase. Now included with EC glutathione transferase 
                EC                      cystathionine β-lyase. Now included in EC, cysteine-S-conjugate β-lyase 
                EC                      L-3-cyanoalanine synthase 
                EC                      cysteine lyase 
                EC                      methionine γ-lyase 
                EC                      sulfoacetaldehyde lyase. Activity due to EC, sulfoacetaldehyde acetyltransferase 
                EC                      cysteine-S-conjugate β-lyase 
                EC                      1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase 
                EC                      D-cysteine desulfhydrase 
                EC                      selenocysteine lyase 
                EC                      holocytochrome-c synthase 
                EC                      prenylcysteine lyase. Now EC, prenylcysteine oxidase 
                EC                      phosphosulfolactate synthase 
                EC                      leukotriene-C4 synthase 
                EC                      S-ribosylhomocysteine lyase 
                EC                      S-(hydroxymethyl)glutathione synthase 
                EC                      2-hydroxypropyl-CoM lyase 
                EC                      (2R)-sulfolactate sulfo-lyase 
                EC                      L-cysteate sulfo-lyase 
                EC                      olivetolic acid cyclase 
                EC                      carbon disulfide lyase. Now EC, carbon disulfide hydrolase 
                EC                      L-cysteine desulfidase 
                EC                      phycobiliprotein cysteine-84 phycobilin lyase 
                EC                      phycobiliprotein β-cysteine-155 phycobilin lyase 
                EC                      phycoerythrocyanin α-cysteine-84 phycoviolobilin lyase/isomerase 
                EC                      C-phycocyanin α-cysteine-84 phycocyanobilin lyase 
                EC                      R-phycocyanin α-cysteine-84 phycourobilin lyase/isomerase 
                EC                      isoprene-epoxide—glutathione S-transferase 
                EC                      L-cystine β-lyase 
                EC                      hercynylcysteine S-oxide lyase 
                EC                      pyridinium-3,5-bisthiocarboxylic acid mononucleotide synthase 
                EC                      isethionate sulfite-lyase 
                EC                      C-phycoerythrin α-cysteine-82 phycoerythrobilin lyase 
                EC                      C-phycoerythrin β-cysteine-48/59 phycoerythrobilin lyase 
                EC                      (2S)-3-sulfopropanediol sulfolyase 
                EC                      S-adenosyl-L-methionine lyase 
                EC                      canavanine-γ-lyase 
    EC 4.5  [+]      
    EC 4.6  [+]      
    EC 4.7  [+]      
    EC 4.8  [+]      
    EC 4.98  [+]      
    EC 4.99  [+]      
EC 5 [+]   
EC 6 [+]   
EC 7 [+]   

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