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The enzymes in this section of the database are organized as you would find them in the Enzyme-Nomenclature book. Click [+] to expand, and [–] to collapse, any section. Clicking on a heading will open a popup window with information on that class, subclass or sub-subclass.

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EC 1 [+]   
EC 2 [+]   
EC 3 [+]   
EC 4 []   
    EC 4.1  [+]      
    EC 4.2  [+]      
    EC 4.3  [+]      
    EC 4.4  [+]      
    EC 4.5  [+]      
    EC 4.6  [+]      
    EC 4.7  [+]      
    EC 4.8  [+]      
    EC 4.98  [+]      
    EC 4.99  []      
        EC 4.99.1       []    Sole sub-subclass for lyases that do not belong in the other subclasses 
                EC                      protoporphyrin ferrochelatase, now classified as EC, protoporphyrin ferrochelatase 
                EC                      alkylmercury lyase 
                EC                      sirohydrochlorin cobaltochelatase 
                EC                      sirohydrochlorin ferrochelatase 
                EC                      aliphatic aldoxime dehydratase, now classified as EC, aliphatic aldoxime dehydratase 
                EC                      indoleacetaldoxime dehydratase, now classified as EC, indoleacetaldoxime dehydratase 
                EC                      phenylacetaldoxime dehydratase, now classified as EC, phenylacetaldoxime dehydratase 
                EC                      heme ligase 
                EC                      coproporphyrin ferrochelatase 
                EC                      magnesium dechelatase 
                EC                      sirohydrochlorin nickelchelatase 
                EC                      pyridinium-3,5-bisthiocarboxylic acid mononucleotide nickel chelatase 
EC 5 [+]   
EC 6 [+]   
EC 7 [+]   

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