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The entries below are proposed additions and amendments to the Enzyme Nomenclature list. They were prepared for the NC-IUBMB by Kristian Axelsen, Ron Caspi, Ture Damhus, Shinya Fushinobu, Julia Hauenstein, Antje Jäde, Masaaki Kotera, Andrew McDonald, Gerry Moss, Ida Schomburg and Keith Tipton. Comments and suggestions on these draft entries should be sent to Dr Andrew McDonald (Department of Biochemistry, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2, Ireland). The date on which an enzyme will be made official is appended after the EC number. To prevent confusion please do not quote new EC numbers until they are incorporated into the main list.

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EC dehydro coenzyme F420 reductase
EC dehydro coenzyme F420 reductase
EC dehydro coenzyme F420 reductase

Accepted name: dehydro coenzyme F420 reductase
Reaction: oxidized coenzyme F420-0 + FMN = dehydro coenzyme F420-0 + FMNH2
Glossary: dehydro coenzyme F420-0 = 2-{[5-deoxy-5-(8-hydroxy-2,4-dioxopyrimidino[4,5-b]quinolin-10(2H)-yl)-L-ribityloxy]hydroxyphosphoryloxy}prop-2-enoate
Other name(s): fbiB (gene name)
Systematic name: oxidized coenzyme F420-0:FMN oxidoreductase
Comments: This enzyme is involved in the biosynthesis of factor 420 (coenzyme F420), a redox-active compound found in all methanogenic archaea, as well as some eubacteria. In some eubacteria the enzyme is multifunctional, also catalysing the activities of EC, coenzyme F420-0:L-glutamate ligase, and EC, coenzyme F420-1:γ-L-glutamate ligase.
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1.  Bashiri, G., Antoney, J., Jirgis, E.NM., Shah, M.V., Ney, B., Copp, J., Stuteley, S.M., Sreebhavan, S., Palmer, B., Middleditch, M., Tokuriki, N., Greening, C., Scott, C., Baker, E.N. and Jackson, C.J. A revised biosynthetic pathway for the cofactor F420 in prokaryotes. Nat. Commun. 10:1558 (2019). [DOI] [PMID: 30952857]
[EC created 2021]

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