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Please use this form to send details of new enzymes that are missing from the Enzyme List. To report an error/update to an existing enzyme, please click here.

The Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (NC-IUBMB), in association with the Joint Commission on Biochemical Nomenclature (JCBN), is responsible for updating the Enzyme List. New enzymes undergo a two-month public-review process before being incorporated into the official Enzyme List and these enzymes can be found at enzyme/newenz.html and at

Guidelines for submitting a request for a new enzyme entry

  1. Enzymes are classified based on the overall reactions they catalyse. Please make sure that the reaction catalysed by the enzyme you are submitting has been fully characterized and all reactants are known. The reaction should be different from those catalysed by any of the enzymes already in the enzyme list.
  2. The enzyme must have been characterized in a way that leaves no doubt as to its activity. Ideally, the enzyme has been purified and characterized in vitro. However, an enzyme can be accepted when alternative methods have been used (e.g. expression of the gene encoding the enzyme in a heterologous host resulting in the host acquiring the new activity), provided that the results lead to a clear conclusion.
  3. If the enzyme is known to require any cofactors, please list those in the appropriate field.
  4. If you are aware of alternative substrates, please list those in the field titled "brief comment on specificity".
  5. The enzyme must have been described in a paper accepted by a peer-reviewed publication. A reference to that publication must be included.

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Note: In reactant and enzyme names, please spell out any greek characters using their roman equivalents, such as alpha for α, beta for β, Delta for Δ, etc.

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If possible, please write the reaction as a balanced equation.

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If the publication has a Pubmed ID, it is sufficient to provide that number. Otherwise, please provide all author names, title, journal, year of publication, volume number, and start and end pages.




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