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Accepted name: L-galactose 1-dehydrogenase
Reaction: L-galactose + NAD+ = L-galactono-1,4-lactone + NADH + H+
Other name(s): L-GalDH; L-galactose dehydrogenase
Systematic name: L-galactose:NAD+ 1-oxidoreductase
Comments: The enzyme catalyses a step in the ascorbate biosynthesis in higher plants (Smirnoff-Wheeler pathway). The activity with NADP+ is less than 10% of the activity with NAD+.
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1.  Mieda, T., Yabuta, Y., Rapolu, M., Motoki, T., Takeda, T., Yoshimura, K., Ishikawa, T. and Shigeoka, S. Feedback inhibition of spinach L-galactose dehydrogenase by L-ascorbate. Plant Cell Physiol. 45 (2004) 1271–1279. [DOI] [PMID: 15509850]
2.  Gatzek, S., Wheeler, G.L. and Smirnoff, N. Antisense suppression of L-galactose dehydrogenase in Arabidopsis thaliana provides evidence for its role in ascorbate synthesis and reveals light modulated L-galactose synthesis. Plant J. 30 (2002) 541–553. [DOI] [PMID: 12047629]
3.  Wheeler, G.L., Jones, M.A. and Smirnoff, N. The biosynthetic pathway of vitamin C in higher plants. Nature 393 (1998) 365–369. [DOI] [PMID: 9620799]
4.  Oh, M.M., Carey, E.E. and Rajashekar, C.B. Environmental stresses induce health-promoting phytochemicals in lettuce. Plant Physiol. Biochem. 47 (2009) 578–583. [DOI] [PMID: 19297184]
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