Accepted name: L-sorbose 1-dehydrogenase
Reaction: L-sorbose + acceptor = 1-dehydro-L-sorbose + reduced acceptor
Glossary: 1-dehydro-L-sorbose = L-sorbosone = 2-dehydro-L-gulose
Other name(s): SDH (ambiguous)
Systematic name: L-sorbose:acceptor 1-oxidoreductase
Comments: The product, L-sorbosone, is an intermediate in bacterial 2-keto-L-gulonic-acid formation. The activity of this membrane-bound enzyme is stimulated by Fe(III) or Co2+ but is inhibited by Cu2+. The enzyme is highly specific for L-sorbose as other sugars, such as glucose, mannitol and sorbitol, are not substrates. Phenazine methosulfate and DCIP can act as artificial acceptors.
1.  Sugisawa, T., Hoshino, T., Nomura, S. and Fujiwara, A. Isolation and characterization of membrane-bound L-sorbose dehydrogenase from Gluconobacter melanogenus UV10. Agric. Biol. Chem. 55 (1991) 363–370.
[EC created 2008]