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Accepted name: ectoine hydroxylase
Reaction: ectoine + 2-oxoglutarate + O2 = 5-hydroxyectoine + succinate + CO2
Glossary: ectoine = (4S)-2-methyl-1,4,5,6-tetrahydropyrimidine-4-carboxylate
5-hydroxyectoine = (4S,5S)-5-hydroxy-2-methyl-1,4,5,6-tetrahydropyrimidine-4-carboxylate
Other name(s): ectD (gene name); ectoine dioxygenase
Systematic name: ectoine,2-oxoglutarate:oxygen oxidoreductase (5-hydroxylating)
Comments: Requires Fe2+ and ascorbate. The enzyme, found in bacteria, is specific for ectoine.
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1.  Bursy, J., Pierik, A.J., Pica, N. and Bremer, E. Osmotically induced synthesis of the compatible solute hydroxyectoine is mediated by an evolutionarily conserved ectoine hydroxylase. J. Biol. Chem. 282 (2007) 31147–31155. [DOI] [PMID: 17636255]
2.  Bursy, J., Kuhlmann, A.U., Pittelkow, M., Hartmann, H., Jebbar, M., Pierik, A.J. and Bremer, E. Synthesis and uptake of the compatible solutes ectoine and 5-hydroxyectoine by Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) in response to salt and heat stresses. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 74 (2008) 7286–7296. [DOI] [PMID: 18849444]
3.  Reuter, K., Pittelkow, M., Bursy, J., Heine, A., Craan, T. and Bremer, E. Synthesis of 5-hydroxyectoine from ectoine: crystal structure of the non-heme iron(II) and 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase EctD. PLoS One 5 (2010) e10647. [DOI] [PMID: 20498719]
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