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Accepted name: chlorobenzene dioxygenase
Reaction: chlorobenzene + NADH + H+ + O2 = (1R,2R)-3-chlorocyclohexa-3,5-diene-1,2-diol + NAD+
For diagram of chlorobenzene catabolism, click here and for diagram of EC 1.14.12, click here
Other name(s): TecA
Systematic name: chlorobenzene,NADH:oxygen oxidoreductase (1,2-hydroxylating)
Comments: This bacterial enzyme is a class IIB dioxygenase, comprising three components - a heterodimeric terminal dioxygenase, a ferredoxin protein, and a ferredoxin reductase. The enzyme acts on a range of aromatic compounds, including mono-, di-, tri-, and tetra-chlorinated benzenes and toluenes.
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1.  Spiess, E., Sommer, C. and Gorisch, H. Degradation of 1,4-dichlorobenzene by Xanthobacter flavus 14p1. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 61 (1995) 3884–3888. [PMID: 8526500]
2.  Sommer, C. and Gorisch, H. Enzymology of the degradation of (di)chlorobenzenes by Xanthobacter flavus 14p1. Arch. Microbiol. 167 (1997) 384–391. [PMID: 9148781]
3.  Beil, S., Happe, B., Timmis, K.N. and Pieper, D.H. Genetic and biochemical characterization of the broad spectrum chlorobenzene dioxygenase from Burkholderia sp. strain PS12 - dechlorination of 1,2,4,5-tetrachlorobenzene. Eur. J. Biochem. 247 (1997) 190–199. [PMID: 9249026]
4.  Beil, S., Mason, J.R., Timmis, K.N. and Pieper, D.H. Identification of chlorobenzene dioxygenase sequence elements involved in dechlorination of 1,2,4,5-tetrachlorobenzene. J. Bacteriol. 180 (1998) 5520–5528. [PMID: 9791099]
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