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Accepted name: salicyloyl-CoA 5-hydroxylase
Reaction: 2-hydroxybenzoyl-CoA + NADH + H+ + O2 = gentisyl-CoA + NAD+ + H2O
Glossary: 2-hydroxybenzoyl-CoA = salicyloyl-CoA
gentisate = 2,5-dihydroxybenzoate
Other name(s): sdgC (gene name)
Systematic name: salicyloyl-CoA,NADH:oxygen oxidoreductase (5-hydroxylating)
Comments: The enzyme, characterized from the bacterium Streptomyces sp. WA46, participates in a pathway for salicylate degradation. cf. EC, salicylate 5-hydroxylase.
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1.  Ishiyama, D., Vujaklija, D. and Davies, J. Novel pathway of salicylate degradation by Streptomyces sp. strain WA46. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 70 (2004) 1297–1306. [DOI] [PMID: 15006746]
[EC created 2015]

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