Accepted name: sulfoquinovose monooxygenase
Reaction: 6-sulfo-D-quinovose + FMNH2 + O2 = 6-dehydro-D-glucose + FMN + sulfite + H2O
Glossary: D-quinovose = 6-deoxy-D-glucopyranose
6-dehydro-D-glucose = 6-oxo-D-quinovose
Other name(s): 6-deoxy-6-sulfo-D-glucose monooxygenase; smoC (gene name); squD (gene name)
Systematic name: 6-sulfo-D-quinovose,FMNH2:oxygen oxidoreductase
Comments: The enzyme, characterized from the bacteria Agrobacterium fabrum and Rhizobium oryzae, is involved in a D-sulfoquinovose degradation pathway. FMNH2 is provided by an associated FMN reductase [SmoA, EC, FMN reductase (NADH)].
1.  Liu, J., Wei, Y., Ma, K., An, J., Liu, X., Liu, Y., Ang, E.L., Zhao, H. and Zhang, Y. Mechanistically diverse pathways for sulfoquinovose degradation in bacteria. ACS Catal. 11 (2021) 14740–14750.
2.  Sharma, M., Lingford, J.P., Petricevic, M., Snow, A.J.D., Zhang, Y., Jarva, M.A., Mui, J.W., Scott, N.E., Saunders, E.C., Mao, R., Epa, R., da Silva, B.M., Pires, D.E.V., Ascher, D.B., McConville, M.J., Davies, G.J., Williams, S.J. and Goddard-Borger, E.D. Oxidative desulfurization pathway for complete catabolism of sulfoquinovose by bacteria. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 119 (2022) e2116022119. [PMID: 35074914]
[EC created 20022]