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Accepted name: phytoene desaturase (ζ-carotene-forming)
Reaction: 15-cis-phytoene + 2 acceptor = all-trans-ζ-carotene + 2 reduced acceptor (overall reaction)
(1a) 15-cis-phytoene + acceptor = all-trans-phytofluene + reduced acceptor
(1b) all-trans-phytofluene + acceptor = all-trans-ζ-carotene + reduced acceptor
For diagram of carotenoid biosynthesis, click here
Other name(s): CrtIa; 2-step phytoene desaturase (ambiguous); two-step phytoene desaturase (ambiguous)
Systematic name: 15-cis-phytoene:acceptor oxidoreductase (ζ-carotene-forming)
Comments: The enzyme is involved in carotenoid biosynthesis and catalyses up to two desaturation steps (cf. EC [phytoene desaturase (neurosporene-forming)], EC [phytoene desaturase (3,4-didehydrolycopene-forming)] and EC [phytoene desaturase (lycopene-forming)]).
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1.  Iniesta, A.A., Cervantes, M. and Murillo, F.J. Cooperation of two carotene desaturases in the production of lycopene in Myxococcus xanthus. FEBS J. 274 (2007) 4306–4314. [DOI] [PMID: 17662111]
[EC created 2011]

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