Accepted name: flavin reductase (NADH)
Reaction: reduced flavin + NAD+ = flavin + NADH + H+
Other name(s): NADH-dependent flavin reductase; flavin:NADH oxidoreductase
Systematic name: flavin:NAD+ oxidoreductase
Comments: The enzyme from Escherichia coli W catalyses the reduction of free flavins by NADH. The enzyme has similar affinity to FAD, FMN and riboflavin. Activity with NADPH is more than 2 orders of magnitude lower than activity with NADH.
1.  Galan, B., Diaz, E., Prieto, M.A. and Garcia, J.L. Functional analysis of the small component of the 4-hydroxyphenylacetate 3-monooxygenase of Escherichia coli W: a prototype of a new Flavin:NAD(P)H reductase subfamily. J. Bacteriol. 182 (2000) 627–636. [PMID: 10633095]
[EC created 2011]