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Accepted name: 5-methylnaphthoic acid synthase
Reaction: acetyl-CoA + 5 malonyl-CoA + 3 NADPH + 3 H+ = 5-methyl-1-naphthoate + 6 CoA + 5 CO2 + 4 H2O + 3 NADP+
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Other name(s): AziB
Systematic name: malonyl-CoA:acetyl-CoA malonyltransferase (5-methyl-1-naphthoic acid-forming)
Comments: A multi-domain polyketide synthase involved in the synthesis of azinomycin B in the bacterium Streptomyces griseofuscus.
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1.  Zhao, Q., He, Q., Ding, W., Tang, M., Kang, Q., Yu, Y., Deng, W., Zhang, Q., Fang, J., Tang, G. and Liu, W. Characterization of the azinomycin B biosynthetic gene cluster revealing a different iterative type I polyketide synthase for naphthoate biosynthesis. Chem. Biol. 15 (2008) 693–705. [DOI] [PMID: 18635006]
[EC created 2014]

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