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Accepted name: D-glutamate N-acetyltransferase
Reaction: acetyl-CoA + D-glutamate = N-acetyl-D-glutamate + CoA
Other name(s): dgcN (gene name)
Systematic name: acetyl-CoA:D-glutamate N-acetyltransferase
Comments: The enzyme, present in bacteria and archaea, participates in a pathway for the degradation of D-glutamate. The enzyme from the marine bacterium Pseudoalteromonas sp. CF6-2 can also acetylate D-glutamine, D-aspartate, and D-asparagine with lower activity.
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1.  Yu, Y., Wang, P., Cao, H.Y., Teng, Z.J., Zhu, Y., Wang, M., McMinn, A., Chen, Y., Xiang, H., Zhang, Y.Z., Chen, X.L. and Zhang, Y.Q. Novel D-glutamate catabolic pathway in marine Proteobacteria and halophilic archaea. ISME J. (2023) . [DOI] [PMID: 36690779]
[EC created 2023]

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