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Accepted name: coumarin 8-geranyltransferase
Reaction: (1) geranyl diphosphate + umbelliferone = diphosphate + 8-geranylumbelliferone
(2) geranyl diphosphate + esculetin = diphosphate + 8-geranylesculetin
Glossary: geranyl diphosphate = (2E)-3,7-dimethylocta-2,6-dien-1-yl diphosphate
esculetin = 6,7-dihydroxy-1-benzopyran-2-one = 6,7-dihydroxycoumarin
umbelliferone = 7-hydroxy-1-benzopyran-2-one = 7-hydroxycoumarin
Other name(s): ClPT1
Systematic name: geranyl-diphosphate:umbelliferone 8-geranyltransferase
Comments: The enzyme, characterized from the plant Citrus limon, is specific for geranyl diphosphate as a prenyl donor. It also has low activity with the coumarins 5,7-dihydroxycoumarin and 5-methoxy-7-hydroxycoumarin.
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1.  Munakata, R., Inoue, T., Koeduka, T., Karamat, F., Olry, A., Sugiyama, A., Takanashi, K., Dugrand, A., Froelicher, Y., Tanaka, R., Uto, Y., Hori, H., Azuma, J., Hehn, A., Bourgaud, F. and Yazaki, K. Molecular cloning and characterization of a geranyl diphosphate-specific aromatic prenyltransferase from lemon. Plant Physiol. 166 (2014) 80–90. [DOI] [PMID: 25077796]
[EC created 2017]

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