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Accepted name: L-glutamine—4-(methylsulfanyl)-2-oxobutanoate aminotransferase
Reaction: L-glutamine + 4-(methylsulfanyl)-2-oxobutanoate = 2-oxoglutaramate + L-methionine
Other name(s): mtnE (gene name); Solyc11g013170.1 (locus name)
Systematic name: L-glutamine:4-(methylsulfanyl)-2-oxobutanoate aminotransferase
Comments: A pyridoxal-phosphate protein. The enzyme, found in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes, catalyses the last reaction in a methionine salvage pathway. In mammals this activity is catalysed by the multifunctional glutamine transaminase K (cf. EC, glutamine—phenylpyruvate transaminase).
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1.  Berger, B.J., English, S., Chan, G. and Knodel, M.H. Methionine regeneration and aminotransferases in Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus cereus, and Bacillus anthracis. J. Bacteriol. 185 (2003) 2418–2431. [PMID: 12670965]
2.  Ellens, K.W., Richardson, L.G., Frelin, O., Collins, J., Ribeiro, C.L., Hsieh, Y.F., Mullen, R.T. and Hanson, A.D. Evidence that glutamine transaminase and ω-amidase potentially act in tandem to close the methionine salvage cycle in bacteria and plants. Phytochemistry 113 (2015) 160–169. [PMID: 24837359]
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