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Accepted name: glutamine—fructose-6-phosphate transaminase (isomerizing)
Reaction: L-glutamine + D-fructose 6-phosphate = L-glutamate + D-glucosamine 6-phosphate
For diagram of the biosynthesis of UDP-N-acetylglucosamine, click here
Other name(s): hexosephosphate aminotransferase; glucosamine-6-phosphate isomerase (glutamine-forming); glutamine-fructose-6-phosphate transaminase (isomerizing); D-fructose-6-phosphate amidotransferase; glucosaminephosphate isomerase; glucosamine 6-phosphate synthase; GlcN6P synthase
Systematic name: L-glutamine:D-fructose-6-phosphate isomerase (deaminating)
Comments: Although the overall reaction is that of a transferase, the mechanism involves the formation of ketimine between fructose 6-phosphate and a 6-amino group from a lysine residue at the active site, which is subsequently displaced by ammonia (transamidination).
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1.  Ghosh, S., Blumenthal, H.J., Davidson, E. and Roseman, S. Glucosamine metabolism. V. Enzymatic synthesis of glucosamine 6-phosphate. J. Biol. Chem. 235 (1960) 1265–1273. [PMID: 13827775]
2.  Gryder, R.M. and Pogell, B.M. Further studies on glucosamine 6-phosphate synthesis by rat liver enzymes. J. Biol. Chem. 235 (1960) 558–562. [PMID: 13829889]
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4.  Teplyakov, A., Obmolova, G., Badet-Denisot, M.A. and Badet, B. The mechanism of sugar phosphate isomerization by glucosamine 6-phosphate synthase. Protein Sci. 8 (1999) 596–602. [DOI] [PMID: 10091662]
[EC created 1961, deleted 1972, reinstated 1984, modified 2000 (EC created 1972, incorporated 1984)]

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