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Accepted name: MASTL-subfamily protein kinase
Reaction: (1) ATP + [endosulfine family protein]-L-serine = ADP + [endosulfine family protein]-O-phospho-L-serine
(2) ATP + [endosulfine family protein]-L-threonine = ADP + [endosulfine family protein]-O-phospho-L-threonine
Glossary: MASTL = microtubule-associated
Other name(s): MASTL; gwl; greatwall kinase; RIM15; microtubule-associated (MASTL)-subfamily-protein kinase
Systematic name: ATP:[endosulfine family protein] phosphotransferase (Ser/Thr-phosphorylating)
Comments: Requires Mg2+. Peptide array data suggest that MASTL prefers to phosphorylate Ser over Thr, followed at position +1 by a bulky hydrophobic (Met, Leu, Phe or Tyr) and with an aromatic residue in the -2 position [4]. Its main role in animal systems is in the regulation of mitosis by phosphorylating a conserved site on endosulfine family proteins (ENSA and ARPP-19 in human), causing them to inhibit the protein phosphatase 2A-B55 [protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) holoenzyme complex containing a B55-family regulatory subunit] [2].
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[EC created 2024]

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