Accepted name: bile-salt sulfotransferase
Reaction: (1) 3′-phosphoadenylyl sulfate + glycolithocholate = adenosine 3′,5′-bisphosphate + glycolithocholate 3-sulfate
(2) 3′-phosphoadenylyl sulfate + taurolithocholate = adenosine 3′,5′-bisphosphate + taurolithocholate sulfate
Glossary: glycolithocholate 3-sulfate = N-(3α-sulfooxy-5β-cholan-24-oyl)glycine
Other name(s): BAST I; bile acid:3′-phosphoadenosine-5′-phosphosulfate sulfotransferase; bile salt:3′phosphoadenosine-5′-phosphosulfate:sulfotransferase; bile acid sulfotransferase I; glycolithocholate sulfotransferase; 3′-phosphoadenylyl-sulfate:glycolithocholate sulfotransferase
Systematic name: 3′-phosphoadenylyl-sulfate:glycolithocholate sulfonotransferase
Comments: The formation of sulfate esters of bile acids is an essential step in the prevention of toxicity by monohydroxy bile acids in many species [3]. This enzyme is both a bile salt and a 3-hydroxysteroid sulfotransferase. In addition to the 5β-bile acid glycolithocholate, deoxycholate, 3β-hydroxy-5-cholenoate and dehydroepiandrosterone (3β-hydroxyandrost-5-en-17-one) also act as substrates [see also EC (alcohol sulfotransferase) and EC (glycochenodeoxycholate sulfotransferase)]. May be identical to EC [3].
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2.  Barnes, S., Waldrop, R., Crenshaw, J., King, R.J. and Taylor, K.B. Evidence for an ordered reaction mechanism for bile salt: 3′phosphoadenosine-5′-phosphosulfate: sulfotransferase from rhesus monkey liver that catalyzes the sulfation of the hepatotoxin glycolithocholate. J. Lipid Res. 27 (1986) 1111–1123. [PMID: 3470420]
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[EC created 1978, modified 2005]