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Accepted name: ethyl acetate hydrolase
Reaction: ethyl acetate + H2O = acetate + ethanol
Other name(s): mekB (gene name); estZ (gene name)
Systematic name: ethyl acetate acetohydrolase
Comments: The enzyme, characterized from Pseudomonas strains, is involved in degradation of short chain alkyl methyl ketones.
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1.  Hasona, A., York, S.W., Yomano, L.P., Ingram, L.O. and Shanmugam, K.T. Decreasing the level of ethyl acetate in ethanolic fermentation broths of Escherichia coli KO11 by expression of Pseudomonas putida estZ esterase. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 68 (2002) 2651–2659. [PMID: 12039716]
2.  Onaca, C., Kieninger, M., Engesser, K.H. and Altenbuchner, J. Degradation of alkyl methyl ketones by Pseudomonas veronii MEK700. J. Bacteriol. 189 (2007) 3759–3767. [PMID: 17351032]
[EC created 2019]

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