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Accepted name: sterol esterase
Reaction: a steryl ester + H2O = a sterol + a fatty acid
Other name(s): cholesterol esterase; cholesteryl ester synthase; triterpenol esterase; cholesteryl esterase; cholesteryl ester hydrolase; sterol ester hydrolase; cholesterol ester hydrolase; cholesterase; acylcholesterol lipase
Systematic name: steryl-ester acylhydrolase
Comments: A group of enzymes of broad specificity, acting on esters of sterols and long-chain fatty acids, that may also bring about the esterification of sterols. Activated by bile salts.
Links to other databases: BRENDA, EXPASY, KEGG, MetaCyc, PDB, CAS registry number: 9026-00-0
1.  Hyun, J., Kothari, H., Herm, E., Mortenson, J., Treadwell, C.R. and Vahouny, G.V. Purification and properties of pancreatic juice cholesterol esterase. J. Biol. Chem. 244 (1969) 1937–1945. [PMID: 5780846]
2.  Okawa, Y. and Yamaguchi, T. Studies on sterol-ester hydrolase from Fusarium oxysporum. I. Partial purification and properties. J. Biochem. (Tokyo) 81 (1977) 1209–1215. [PMID: 19426]
3.  Vahouny, G.V. and Tradwell, C.R. Enzymatic synthesis and hydrolysis of cholesterol esters. Methods Biochem. Anal. 16 (1968) 219–272. [PMID: 4877146]
4.  Warnaar, F. Triterpene ester synthesis in latex of Euphorbia species. Phytochemistry 26 (1987) 2715–2721.
[EC created 1961, modified 1990]

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