Accepted name: cephalosporin-C deacetylase
Reaction: cephalosporin C + H2O = deacetylcephalosporin C + acetate
Other name(s): cephalosporin C acetyl-hydrolase; cephalosporin C acetylase; cephalosporin acetylesterase; cephalosporin C acetylesterase; cephalosporin C acetyl-esterase; cephalosporin C deacetylase
Systematic name: cephalosporin-C acetylhydrolase
Comments: Hydrolyses the acetyl ester bond on the 10-position of the antibiotic cephalosporin C.
1.  Fujisawa, Y., Shirafuji, H., Kida, M. and Nara, K. New findings on cephalosporin C biosynthesis. Nat. New Biol. 246 (1973) 154–155. [PMID: 4519146]
[EC created 1976]