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Accepted name: tissue kallikrein
Reaction: Preferential cleavage of Arg┼ bonds in small molecule substrates. Highly selective action to release kallidin (lysyl-bradykinin) from kininogen involves hydrolysis of Met┼ or Leu┼. The rat enzyme is unusual in liberating bradykinin directly from autologous kininogens by cleavage at two Arg┼ bonds [5]
Other name(s): glandular kallikrein; pancreatic kallikrein; submandibular kallikrein; submaxillary kallikrein; kidney kallikrein; urinary kallikrein; kallikrein; salivary kallikrein; kininogenin; kininogenase; callicrein; glumorin; padreatin; padutin; kallidinogenase; bradykininogenase; depot-padutin; urokallikrein; dilminal D; onokrein P
Comments: Formed from tissue prokallikrein by activation with trypsin. In peptidase family S1 (trypsin family). A large number of tissue kallikrein-related sequences have been reported for rats [16] and mice [7], though fewer seem to exist in other mammals. The few that have been isolated and tested on substrates include mouse γ-renin (EC, submandibular proteinase A [2,15], epidermal growth-factor-binding protein, nerve growth factor γ-subunit, rat tonin [3,4,9], submaxillary proteinases A and B [10], T-kininogenase [18], kallikreins k7 and k8 [17] and human prostate-specific antigen (γ-seminoprotein, [6])
Links to other databases: BRENDA, EXPASY, KEGG, MetaCyc, MEROPS, PDB, CAS registry number: 389069-73-2
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[EC created 1965 as EC, transferred 1972 to EC, part transferred 1981 to EC]

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