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Accepted name: coagulation factor Xa
Reaction: Selective cleavage of Arg┼Thr and then Arg┼Ile bonds in prothrombin to form thrombin
Other name(s): thrombokinase; prothrombase; prothrombinase; activated blood-coagulation factor X; autoprothrombin C; thromboplastin; plasma thromboplastin; factor Xa; activated Stuart-Prower factor; activated factor X
Comments: A blood coagulation factor formed from the proenzyme factor X by limited proteolysis. Factor X is a glycoprotein composed of a heavy chain and a light chain, which are generated from a precursor protein by the excision of the tripeptide RKR and held together by one or more disulfide bonds. The activated factor Xa converts prothrombin to thrombin in the presence of factor Va, Ca2+ and phospholipids. Scutelarin (EC has similar specificity, but does not require factor Va.
Links to other databases: BRENDA, KEGG, MetaCyc, MEROPS, PDB, CAS registry number: 9002-05-5
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[EC created 1972, modified 2011]

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