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Accepted name: 4′-demethylrebeccamycin synthase
Reaction: 4′-O-demethylrebeccamycin + H2O = dichloro-arcyriaflavin A + β-D-glucose
For diagram of rebeccamycin biosynthesis, click here
Glossary: dichloro-arcyriaflavin A = rebeccamycin aglycone
Other name(s): arcyriaflavin A N-glycosyltransferase; RebG
Systematic name: 4′-demethylrebeccamycin D-glucose-lyase
Comments: This enzyme catalyses a step in the biosynthesis of rebeccamycin, an indolocarbazole alkaloid produced by the bacterium Lechevalieria aerocolonigenes. The enzyme is a glycosylase, and acts in the reverse direction to that shown. It has a wide substrate range, and was shown to glycosylate several substrates, including the staurosporine aglycone, EJG-III-108A, J-104303, 6-N-methyl-arcyriaflavin C and indolo-[2,3-a]-carbazole [1,2].
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1.  Ohuchi, T., Ikeda-Araki, A., Watanabe-Sakamoto, A., Kojiri, K., Nagashima, M., Okanishi, M. and Suda, H. Cloning and expression of a gene encoding N-glycosyltransferase (ngt) from Saccharothrix aerocolonigenes ATCC39243. J. Antibiot. (Tokyo) 53 (2000) 393–403. [PMID: 10866221]
2.  Zhang, C., Albermann, C., Fu, X., Peters, N.R., Chisholm, J.D., Zhang, G., Gilbert, E.J., Wang, P.G., Van Vranken, D.L. and Thorson, J.S. RebG- and RebM-catalyzed indolocarbazole diversification. ChemBioChem 7 (2006) 795–804. [DOI] [PMID: 16575939]
[EC created 2010]

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