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Accepted name: N-(sulfonatooxy)alkenimidothioic acid sulfate-lyase (epithionitrile-forming)
Reaction: N-(sulfonatooxy)alkenimidothioic acid with a terminal double bond = an epithionitrile + sulfate
Other name(s): ESP (gene name); epithionitrile-specifier protein; epithiospecifier protein
Systematic name: N-(sulfonatooxy)alkenimidothioic acid sulfate-lyase (epithionitrile-forming)
Comments: The enzyme is involved in the breakdown of glucosinolates. It acts only on aliphatic N-(sulfonatooxy)alkenimidothioic acids produced from ω-alkenyl-glucosinolates, and forms epithionitrile-containing products. cf. EC, thiohydroximate-O-sulfate sulfate/sulfur-lyase (nitrile-forming), and EC, phenyl-N-(sulfonatooxy)methanimidothioate sulfolyase.
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1.  Lambrix, V., Reichelt, M., Mitchell-Olds, T., Kliebenstein, D.J. and Gershenzon, J. The Arabidopsis epithiospecifier protein promotes the hydrolysis of glucosinolates to nitriles and influences Trichoplusia ni herbivory. Plant Cell 13 (2001) 2793–2807. [DOI] [PMID: 11752388]
2.  Zabala M. de, T., Grant, M., Bones, A.M., Bennett, R., Lim, Y.S., Kissen, R. and Rossiter, J.T. Characterisation of recombinant epithiospecifier protein and its over-expression in Arabidopsis thaliana. Phytochemistry 66 (2005) 859–867. [DOI] [PMID: 15845404]
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