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Accepted name: DNA 5′-3′ helicase
Reaction: Couples ATP hydrolysis with the unwinding of duplex DNA at the replication fork by translocating in the 5′-3′ direction. This creates two antiparallel DNA single strands (ssDNA). The leading ssDNA polymer is the template for DNA polymerase III holoenzyme which synthesizes a continuous strand.
Other name(s): DnaB helicase; replication fork helicase; 5′ to 3′ DNA helicase; BACH1 helicase; BcMCM; BLM protein; BRCA1-associated C-terminal helicase; CeWRN-1; Dbp9p; DNA helicase A; DNA helicase E; DNA helicase II; DNA helicase III; DNA helicase VI; dnaB (gene name); DnaB helicase E1; helicase HDH IV; Hel E; helicase DnaB; helicase domain of bacteriophage T7 gene 4 protein helicase; PcrA helicase; hHcsA; Hmi1p; hPif1; MCM helicase; MCM protein; MPH1; PcrA; PfDH A; Pfh1p; PIF1; replicative DNA helicase
Systematic name: DNA 5′-3′ helicase (ATP-hydrolysing)
Comments: The activity is stimulated by DNA polymerase III. As the lagging ssDNA is created, it becomes coated with S Single-Stranded DNA Binding protein (SSB). Once every 500-2000 nucleotides, primase is stimulated by DnaB helicase to synthesize a primer at the replication fork. This primer is elongated by the lagging strand half of DNA polymerase III holoenzyme.
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5.  Ivanov, K.A. and Ziebuhr, J. Human coronavirus 229E nonstructural protein 13: characterization of duplex-unwinding, nucleoside triphosphatase, and RNA 5′-triphosphatase activities. J. Virol. 78 (2004) 7833–7838. [DOI] [PMID: 15220459]
6.  Toseland, C.P. and Webb, M.R. ATPase mechanism of the 5′-3′ DNA helicase, RecD2: evidence for a pre-hydrolysis conformation change. J. Biol. Chem. 288 (2013) 25183–25193. [PMID: 23839989]
[EC created 2009 as EC, part transferred 2021 to EC]

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