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Accepted name: bacterial ABC-type protein transporter
Reaction: ATP + H2O + protein[side 1] = ADP + phosphate + protein[side 2]
Other name(s): PrtDEF (gene names); hasDEF (gene names); peptide-transporting ATPase (ambiguous)
Systematic name: ATP phosphohydrolase (ABC-type, peptide-exporting)
Comments: An ATP-binding cassette (ABC) type transporter, characterized by the presence of two similar ATP-binding domains/proteins and two integral membrane domains/proteins. This entry stands for a family of bacterial enzymes that are dedicated to the secretion of one or several closely related proteins belonging to the toxin, protease and lipase families. Examples from Gram-negative bacteria include α-hemolysin, cyclolysin, colicin V and siderophores, while examples from Gram-positive bacteria include bacteriocin, subtilin, competence factor and pediocin.
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1.  Letoffe, S., Delepelaire, P. and Wandersman, C. Protease secretion by Erwinia chrysanthemi: the specific secretion functions are analogous to those of Escherichia coli α-haemolysin. EMBO J. 9 (1990) 1375–1382. [PMID: 2184029]
2.  Klein, C. and Entian, K.D. Genes involved in self-protection against the lantibiotic subtilin produced by Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6633. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 60 (1994) 2793–2801. [PMID: 8085823]
3.  Binet, R., Létoffé, S., Ghigo, J.M., Delepaire, P. and Wanderman, C. Protein secretion by Gram-negative bacterial ABC exporters - a review. Gene 192 (1997) 7–11. [DOI] [PMID: 9224868]
[EC created 2000 as EC, transferred 2018 to EC, modified 2019]

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