Aflatoxin B Synthase


Suggested mechanism of synthesis based on Udwary, D.W., Casillas, L. K. and Townsend, C.A. Synthesis of 11-hydroxyl O-methylsterigmatocystin and the role of a cytochrome P-450 in the final step of aflatoxin biosynthesis. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 124 (2002) 5294-5303 [PMID: 11996570], and Bhatnagar, D., Cleveland, T.E. and Kingston, D.G. Enzymological evidence for separate pathways for aflatoxin B1 and B2 biosynthesis. Biochemistry 30 (1991) 4343-4350. [PMID: 1902378].

The biosynthesis of aflatoxin B2 is the same except for the absence of the double bond in the furan ring. A different enzyme is involved in the biosynthesis of aflatoxin G1 and G2. The mechanism is probably similar except that there is another oxidation step before the decarboxylation step.

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